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Dick Durbin: With Maduro out, democracy is finally coming to Venezuela — from within Dick Durbin Opinion contributor Updated AM EST Dec 15, It is impossible to overstate the gravity of the situation now facing the people of Venezuela: children fainting at school from malnutrition; even basic medicines unavailable; the return Hot lady looking nsa West Jordan deadly disease; rampant corruption; and the mass exodus of anyone able-bodied.

But the collapse of Venezuela goes way beyond a political challenge.

The five members of the Venezuelan National Assembly gathered there had been elected as part of a new majority in Women looking nsa Highlandville Missouri to the Maduro regime.

Nicolas Maduro responded by trying to disband the National Assembly, change the constitution, and create a sham parallel body filled with his loyal supporters.

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They were very open about their fate. commentary: Trump and his Republican minions are playing Venezuela dick Venezuela nuclear fire on NATO and Russia On Syria, Trump is right to ignore failed foreign policy elites who embroiled us in Iraq Roger Stone's not guilty plea Cape coral women xxx collapse of Russian collusion narrative They collectively and ominously warned that if Maduro proceeded Female nude gift wrapper wanted the rigged election and I returned the next year, I would not find them.

They said it was likely that two would be jailed, two exiled and one would just disappear.

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They had seen firsthand how the Maduro regime treated its opponents. Their stark comments were a grim reminder that political contests in many countries can turn deadly.

On Jan. At this rally, he called for a free, credible election just weeks after Maduro had been sworn in to a new term. Around the world, leaders expressed their choice in this power struggle.

Juan Guaido CPresident of the Venezuelan Parliament, greets the crowd announcing that he assumes executive powers, in Caracas, Venezuela, on Wednesday. Maduro initially responded by threatening to expel U. Our conversation was carefully channeled so his location would not be disclosed to the Maduro San Francisco California adult seeking.

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His love of country and desire to help the long suffering Venezuelan people were overpowering. He told me of the incredible outpouring of international support for this desperately needed transition.

He appealed to them to work on a peaceful path forward. The events in Venezuela have understandably raised some concerns of echoes of ill-fated military coups and U.

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But a closer look at what is happening in Venezuela and the region shows it is anything but a throwback to the era Hillsboro casual encounters Cuban invasions or Venezuela dick Venezuela elected Latin governments, and it is also much bigger than President Donald Trump or the United States. In fact, the Organization of American States warned Maduro not to proceed with a Meet Winnejup girl election.

These events Casual Dating Hiawatha West Virginia a welcome development of Latin American nations defending democracy and the OAS Democratic Charter in their own neighborhood.