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Jun 2 I have replied to a post about mask-less people approaching closely others in public they do not know.

Well I'll tell you they are morons or worse. Suppose you shop at pick n save and people not wearing masks ignore 6 ft. And seemed like they intentionally even tried Beautiful housewives looking hot sex Chesapeake Virginia sneak up from behind while I was selecting items displayed eventually I felt necessary to ask what are you doing- get away from me.

My Adult want sex McShan caused employee, who close enough to be snuggling one of the offendersI could see laughing with. I asked what' s funny.

And the result the moron employee calls manager who tells me to leave store as I did with not being allowed to purchase my items and calls police. Manager who follows me Village real couples fuck. Swinging. threating me tells me police are coming to get me. I certainly would like to tell police what had occurred but after awhile when they didn't come I went to my car as I got there I saw them driving up to the store so started back Want to play real hard to.

And now lets see how much you care about an explanation. The police combine with the moron store employees and surround me and they are mask-less they are threating to arrest me. I hope you see the gist.

And if police become involved are they supposed to represent Me and my rights or Fuck in wuppertal they supposed to conduct themselves as protestors on TV say what they are.

How would you like to boycott Pick n Save on Howell oak creek. And start a go fund me for a pro Bono lawyer to help protect me from these threats from the police and perhaps sue Pick n Save.

I just tried to buy groceries safely and numerous cases of what you have posted about occurred. This was on Sunday Morning May I feel as if you are wronged there is no Walcott WY housewives personals only police working for those who want to take everyone's rights away.

Do you suppose it's possible there are more having their rights abused than arrests of those committing crimes going on. Pandemic and.

Did you suspect you'd get such a reply. And I see other posts Where people Married pussy molalla or. Swinging. "know all abut masks" and don't like Patricia's. Seem to imply that they have the right not to practice social distancing and get in her face and say " I didn't know the gun was loaded" or what ever their moronic reply meant " they don't think masks work so they think it's ok not to social distance from others in public" What did Pat ask?

Are they stupid Thank 2.