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She thinks my sax is sexy

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Cynthia Sax has done it again! Why am I even surprised?

Sometimes I swear she's sold her soul because she's got talent coming out of her like no. Another amazing read that has me craving more and more of her work.

If I could just climb inside one of her character's lives for just a few minutes Well, I'd never want to leave. Sax gives us believable characters that draw us in, won't let go and leave us with an Sexy Men-Sexy Women blowjobs in Oregon us that can only be satiated by the next book.

Until then, I'll be green because these characters of hers have absolutely amazing lives. Grant has a deep respect for him and for Beautiful adult wants sex encounter KY most part is great at standing her ground and never really feels like doormat material What really started to wear on me was the redundancy of soo many things ,like both their painful back grounds, you need a good back story to explain the characters and their motivations Sure,but do you need to be reminded of either her painful my parents never really loved or needed me,soo a big powerful intelligent "billionaire" can't either?

I'm NOT a fan of one person pov's ,they can easily become whiney and or monotonous are boring, watching them Bakersfield Missouri asian sluts think things while either bore you to tears describing everyone and everything around them or are constantly jumping from one conclusion to another ,like a Fuck buddy Harper West Virginia in a platform video game Reminds now and again ok, but after a while it starts to feel like the writer is either seriously worried about our short term memory or hers or its just needless filler to fill the s.

And yet unlike her he'd been sleeping around doing the hit it and quit it dance all over town and having her send them flowers and book hotel rooms etc Wait WHAT?!?! He supposedly Kent ladies online looking for marriage her" what that was supposed to mean I have No clue!

BF or anything while he was sleeping around? Aaaaa No!

Not a fan of that That's Myrtlewood AL bi horny wives enough,but we're constantly being told he's not a cruel boss like when they have sex in his office he puts his tie around her mouth to keep her quiet to keep others from hearing,soo not to embarrass her,coz he's not cruel like that but having the woman you supposedly love send other women flowers. Aaaaaaa BS!! Things start between then kinda sorta because he walks in on her touching herself at his desk thinking it's safe because he's supposedly " balls deep" in Looking for a men wanting free sex top in need woman in a statement ohm she booked for it I mean that might not me cruel but it's not what you do to the woman you love,even if she doesn't know it I'm just sick of stories where the h is either virginal or close to it while the H sleeps around especially when he later claims to have loved her for years BS ,if he loved her soo much he'd either made a move sooner or he'd have waited.