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Why are more older women turning to alcohol?

Nothing to do? The figures showed that overall, 2, women aged over 60 entered alcohol treatment in compared with 1, five years ly.

So what are the reasons behind this drastic rise in alcohol dependence? A common pattern is for regular drinkers, who have had their consumption constrained by the structure of working, tipping into harmful drinking in retirement.

But the dangers of alcohol are increased among older drinkers, particularly because of medication, frailty, and other health problems. Heavy drinking is associated with a raised risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes.

Alcohol can lead to brain damage. It is a powerful toxin that can damage every organ in the body and we are more susceptible green bay female escort it as we get older.

Some are socialising more — which is wonderful — but of course that often revolves around taking alcohol, and some elderly people mistakenly believe they have built up an alcohol tolerance.

When a syndrome of dependence develops, women may drink not because of the Wilmslow granny sex or relaxing effects of alcohol, but to avoid distressing withdrawal symptomslike shakessweats, anxiety and vomiting, which are relieved by drinking alcohol. But how do you know if you have a drinking problem?

Do you Wives want nsa Lafferty about where your next drink is coming from? Do you find it difficult to stop drinking once you have started?

Do you suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, nausea and sweating? Do you plan activities around alcohol?

Do you drink to relieve stress? Five ways to deal with the first stages of alcohol dependence Admit that you have a problem Set daily goals for yourself, i. There are many people going through a similar situation.

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