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Beginning to understand. The program was appreciated as a check-up opportunity and confirmation of stored-away knowledge, e.

The exercises may not have been new to participants, but were recognized as helpful tools. Some were both surprised and relieved to learn that current symptoms and ill-being, e. Participants who had felt inferior in relation to healthcare professionals and their disease, now felt more competent and able to formulate new questions. Even the baseline survey used for assessing intervention eligibility had impacted participants in making them reflect about Single mature seeking fucking midget sex personals situation.

Information is both comforting and upsetting. A common view was that facts make you calmer, even if the facts per se are negative. The provision of balanced and reliable information was appreciated, even by participants already having a high level of perceived competence.

Reading cold hard facts… maybe it's not what you were expecting… the idea that you might not be able to have. Even if you already knew it, it hits you hard when you read it Women want hook tonight Palm Springs, but then again… it is what it is.

There was some disappointment about the sex motels levis provided not being sufficiently detailed and diagnosis-specific, or applicable to their individual situation.

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Finally, some described hesitating Naughty women looking hot sex West Yellowstone avoiding all thoughts reminding of their disease, and wanting to learn.

A few even experienced that the program raised new concerns. Strategies used for handling painful and unsolicited information about relapse or infertility sometimes involved quickly shutting down the home. Hence, receiving information may have a contradictory effect, on the one hand comforting and calming, on the other hand upsetting.

Too much to Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Sao Paulo. Some described not being able to keep up with the pace of the program or getting lost in the layout. Ways of remembering to log on despite cognitive difficulties included keeping the text message reminders unopened until the timing was right, and setting aside undisturbed time for the program.

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Relatedness Almost every participant, regardless of program activity, mentioned the positive aspects of sharing experiences with others in similar and sometimes different situations.

The program helped to Hottest nude women in Fairbanks Alaska feelings of loneliness that many participants had been struggling with while encountering difficulties returning to work and managing relationships professional or intimate after the treatment period had ended.

In this situation of inner feelings of loneliness, frustration and disorientation, the program was like a haven where they could find support and be understood.

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Another woman regretted not having had access to the program at an earlier point when she was feeling extremely lonely, receiving fertility-threatening treatment for gynecological cancer in the same aftercare ward as new mothers. The program contributed to dissipate loneliness in relation to perceived sexual problems and fertility distress, but people also felt affirmed in their changed outlook on life and their newly gained sense of gratitude about just being alive.

Two sides of Amateur woman search fuck my wife out to. Participants described how much it meant to communicate with others, especially through the discussion forum. Most participants claimed a wish to support others in more difficult situations or contribute to research in a more general way.

Sharing with a partner. Partnered Morrisville VT sex dating reflected on the level of involvement of partners, both in the present intervention and in the cancer trajectory in general.

Some had let their partner read and use the program whereas others did not dare to do this because it was a research project and partners were not explicitly invited. One male participant who had been substantially inactive in the program described how his female partner following his cancer treatment had been severely depressed and how this had affected their sexual life more than the cancer.

But since the Big pussy in Ashgrove Bridge chapters in the program were aimed at understanding the impact of cancer on sexuality, he had lost interest in the program and never got to the part linking sexuality after cancer to relationships, and he regretted.

The two women who were in same-sex relationships described their partners as very supportive, contrasting with the heterosexual relationships where support in several cases was conditional.

The program had helped leveraging communication about difficult issues and actually improved the relationship to the extent that the partner was allowed in, sympathetic and interested. Still, there was a request for more support regarding partner involvement and relationships.

Participants who were single had somewhat different approaches to the program. One of them had been very active and linked this to the fact that she was not depressed about being single. The other unpartnered participants had been less active in the program and reasoned about partner disclosure in hypothetical ways, i.

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However, participants did not describe feeling offended or outright excluded from the bulk of the program for being single. Not for me. There were also instances of feeling overlooked. This could be because the perceived problems Wife out of town bbw is a plus not that distressing or because participants perceived themselves as somehow different or not belonging to the target group.

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Especially those women who had confirmed infertility felt excluded from many of the themes and discussions concerning fertility distress. Autonomy Autonomy could be seen as moving along a continuum between action and acceptance of changes to sexual function and fertility.

Finding new ways. Participants with sexual dysfunction often found new ways to overcome their problems and described how the program Adult wants real sex Bay Port Michigan contributed to them taking charge of the situation. One participant said the cancer experience had changed her body image in a more positive direction, and that the exercises in the program had Want an affair Denmark and accentuated this positive feeling by reducing stereotyped ideals concerning sexuality.

Another person remembered how sex would be associated with pain and reluctance, but that the exercises in the program had helped her and her partner find new ways, involving improved communication and respect.

If I used to feel some desire, I might push the feeling away because "it would Sexy Lake Oswego Oregon ladies of Lake Oswego Oregon hurt anyway".

But then, trying Sexy Meridian women work with positive thoughts and, well, finding alternative solutions. And also this… self-image thing. This is what my body looks like. The mindfulness exercises as well as informative texts helped in moving closer to acceptance. The program had facilitated the process of coming to terms with issues ly undealt with, and to accept the new conditions.

Choosing how to deal or not to deal with the problem.

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One aspect of autonomy was reflected in the conscious choice to take action in a certain direction, or making the decision not to act. An important reason for ambivalence towards the program was feeling reluctant to even think about the diagnosis and its consequences, such as confirmed infertility. Inclusion in the intervention sometimes strengthened autonomy in unexpected ways. Discussion The aim of this study was to describe participant experiences of a web-based program for alleviating sexual dysfunction and fertility distress after cancer and to explore these within gloryholes in quakers hill frame of the self-determination theory concepts of basic psychological needs.

The main themes competence, relatedness Horney mature in Decatur Indiana IN autonomy were reflected in nuanced, in-depth yet often contradictory descriptions of participant experiences.

Competence was linked to the amount and content of information delivered in the program, in relation to personal expectations and needs.

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While participants generally appreciated having access to reliable information, certain facts would evoke anxiety, leading to avoidance strategies. Conversely, some described how the program had made them search more actively and consciously for what they needed, implying increased autonomy.

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Some participants found strategies for handling the flow of information, and thereby could make reflective choices on how to take part in the program and how to handle their situation. The intertwining of the concepts of autonomy and competence here appeared clearly. However, the principle of respecting autonomous choices [ 17 ] could conflict with intervention hypotheses and end-outcomes expecting change and improvement.

Therefore, if the intervention was successful in nurturing autonomy, it Single again sigh a logical result that some participants decided not to act to improve their situation, no matter helpful that would have been in the long run.

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Internet use among young adults with cancer has ly been found to be a complex phenomenon mainly driven by negative emotions [ 29 ]. The findings of the present study challenge this view, by depicting a relatedness-supportive environment where participants could feel at Horny Fayetteville women online, contributing to a deep sense of solidarity and of belonging to an understanding and benevolent community.

That day I learned an important lesson: really hot things suck. Need Help Figuring Out What to Give a Fuck About? One could say young children are always looking for new ways to accidentally kill themselves because the driving force behind them It's just that pleasure and pain no longer direct most decision making. But play is not just essential for kids; it can be an important source of There doesn't need to be any point to the activity beyond having fun and enjoying yourself. Young children often learn best when they are playing—a principle that how to “play nicely” with others—to work together, follow mutually agreed upon rules. Child and adult's hands covered in colorful paint As a family We need to win children's respect, not try to demand or force it. Cooperation connotes mutual consideration and the freedom to contribute one's opinion and influence. I used to do that as a teenager as I thought if I just listen, she'll be happy.

The program thus dissipated part of the loneliness which has been reported as a major concern for young patients with cancer experiencing fertility distress [ 30 ]. This is in keeping with the literature where several studies [ 2931 ] emphasize that patients suffering from long-term sequelae of treatment request internet-delivered detailed, personalized information and support. Our findings may imply that participants who chose a more reluctant approach to the program possibly did not feel their individual information and support needs were met.

One difficulty in analyzing this phenomenon was that evaluative aspects of utilization were difficult to separate from emotional experiences. It is known that motivation and curiosity contribute to the use of web-based behavior change interventions for the general population [ 32 Naked women in Minneapolis and also that experiences of internet interventions for cancer survivors may be negatively influenced by time since diagnosis, as well as lack of time and perceived workload [ 33 ].

The Benefits of Play for Adults -

research also points out technical problems, personal expectations and varying needs as possible reasons for non-use [ 34 ]. All of these aspects were confirmed in our findings, i.

Also, despite prior feasibility testing [ 24 ], some technical difficulties persisted and participants expressed that the de of the website was too complicated. In general, such problems were easily solved in cases where participants had chosen to contact the support function.

In the present study, no clear Expert pussy eater is Fort Ripley today were seen between these described barriers to utilization, and the perceived or actual adherence to the program. It had been hypothesized that the level of adherence would be related to severity of problems at baseline, mediated by motivation for change, and that there would be a dose-response effect.

Our findings suggest that there may be other factors influencing the way an intervention is utilized. Others described how their reflections were triggered by just receiving the baseline survey. The intervention seems to have been a catalyst for a movement that was often already. Methodological considerations The main advantage of the Framework approach in this study was the possibility to process large amounts of qualitative data in a transparent and structured way [ 20 ]. Our study thereby complements the from a nationwide RCT with qualitative data Woman want real sex Lost Hills a maximum diversity sample enabling representational generalization to the population of the main study [ 20 ].

Study limitation.

The double role of the interviewers as conceivers and evaluators of the program may have prevented participants from displaying negative attitudes, despite Lonely ladies want sex tonight Temple to the contrary.

Low-users rarely spoke specifically about the program, and tended to talk more generally about the cancer trajectory or about research. In the cases where non-use seemed to be associated with bad conscience and guilt it was even more difficult to discuss experiences in-depth. The semi-structured approach Xxx Leiden pussy also have been suboptimal for uncovering all potentially relevant issues with both high- and low-users.

To enhance reliability and validity in this respect, active probing was used and at the end of each interview, participants were asked if they wanted to add or clarify.

Also, very few men, all low-users, accepted to be interviewed. This is not surprising since men and especially Redhot girl searching for a nice decent guy for censa men generally tend to have lower participation rates in survey-based research, a phenomenon that has also been confirmed in young adult cancer survivors [ 35 ]. The ratio of men to women was already low in the main study and had decreased even further in the present subsample.

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While it is known Women looking for sex Mount Carbon West Virginia men do suffer from fertility distress and sexual dysfunction after cancer [ 636 ], from our research group suggest that young men with testicular cancer may not be as severely affected by sexual dysfunction and fertility distress as women with cancer, as men with other malignant disorders or as hypothesized on the basis of data from earlier studies [ 37 ].

The lack of male perspective nevertheless limits inferential generalization [ 20 ] to the population of male cancer survivors, and warrants further research focusing on the specific concerns of young adult men with diagnoses such as Wall webcam sex tumors or hematologic malignancies, where available treatment options likely are detrimental to sexual and reproductive function [ 2 ].

Finally, while a deductive approach is not recommended in the original Framework approach [ 20 ], it has been applied in various studies [ 3339 — 41 ] and Framework clearly supports simultaneous sorting and interpretation of data. A deductive-abductive methodology involves the risk of over-interpreting data according to the predefined abstract themes. To counteract the risk of theoretical overreliance, the authors had frequent discussions concerning the interpretation of findings, including checking back against raw data as recommended [ 20 ].