About Non Linear Girl

nonlineargirlWhen I found out I was pregnant with twins I cried for days. Twins. Twins?!? Oh, yep. There were definitely two babies up on the ultrasounds screen. The tears started flowing right there in the ultrasound room. I’m fairly sure the ultrasound technician thought they were tears of joy; my husband could definitely tell they were not. I have a very type A personality. I had planned out our life exactly as it should go and up to this point, everything had gone according to my plan. We waited 8 years after getting married to try for a child, because we wanted to travel, enjoy our younger years, and build successful careers. My husband went to law school and landed the perfect position at a Law firm in downtown Phoenix. I was working as a nurse at a local hospital and teaching CNA classes at a local community college two evenings a week. Life was good. We ready for a baby. ONE baby.

Oh how my life changed that day in the ultrasound room. I knew my plans were no longer going to work, and I had to adapt. I could not be more grateful that things didn’t pan out as I anticipated. My two daughters are truly the BEST thing that has ever happened to me.

Now about the blog. After my daughters were born I knew I had to continue working. I wanted to spend more time with my daughters so I asked to cut back my hours at the hospital, and they graciously granted my request. I also continue to teach CNA classes at the community college two nights a week. These are the nights my husband gets to spend some alone time with his gals! Even though I have no time on my hands I decided to start this blog for 3 reasons. The first reason is that I wanted to encourage other working moms of twins. Some of us need that time out of the house for one reason or another and it is NOTHING to feel guilty about. The second reason is because my family and most of my friends are out in North Carolina. I wanted to be able to share whats going on in my life without doing in-depth Facebook posts. The third reason is for my CNA students. Rather than making a separate blog with information for them I decided to do it on this one and just create a special CNA category. Most of students (95% are female) plan on starting their own families some day and so I decided to share my personal blog with them as well.

Please enjoy the musings of this non linear girl.