Month: April 2018

Nurse to client transmission of communicable diseases is a huge concern for medical professionals. Making sure that all nurses practice good standards while they are working is essential to preventing communicable diseases travelling from person to person.

Working as a nurse can be rather hazardous especially when working with patients that have a communicable disease. Many nurses run the risk of accidentally transmitting these diseases to other clients are potentially to themselves. Rather than potentially risking your health is a nurse or the health of other patients, it is important to take appropriate precautions.

With any type of communicable disease nurses have an ethical responsibility to speak with clients and other professionals to limit the risk of transmission of infections. Additional precautions and sanitation, disposal and charting need to take place in order to prevent infection or endangering other clients.

Nurses need to ensure that anyone who could potentially be exposed to infection is informed as early as possible. The source of any infection needs to be kept confidential but all clients need to be spoken to about the risks.

Any nurse that happens to test positive for a blood-borne pathogen that has been acquired from the patient needs to be immediately consulted about infectious diseases as well as restrictions for their practice of nursing. The same information needs to be presented to any client if they are exposed to the same infection. Testing must take place immediately if suspicion is made.

Overall by remaining vigilant and communicative about infections or diseases concerning patient is possible for nurses to work as a team to prevent mistakes and to limit issues as soon as they occur. While accidents do happen, by taking extra care and consideration through maintaining standards it is possible to prevent them.