Month: April 2015

While I love working part time as a nurse, full time as a mom, and very part time as a CNA instructor, some days everything collides and life gets hard. Today was one of those days. I should’ve known it would end this way because life never goes as planned when David is out of town. He had a deposition to attend in Tucson and is gone overnight. Since its Tuesday, I had a nursing shift today and a CNA class tonight.

It wasn’t supposed to be a problematic day. The girls were going to daycare as usual, and since David was out of town I hired our favorite babysitter weeks ago to watch the girls for my class. I dropped the girls off, got to the hospital, and then 10 minutes into my shift I get a call that one of the girls is throwing up. I thought “you’ve got to be kidding me”. The girls haven’t really been sick (like throwing up sick) ever and it had to happen on day when David was out of town and I had a double shift.

So I left work, short staffed, and picked up my girls. Surprise, surprise, the other one had started puking too. Let me tell you, dealing with TWO puking kids is no cake walk. Thankfully I am a nurse and can handle the smell and mess but that doesn’t make it easy. In the meantime I had to see if there was a replacement for my class tonight or whether I just had to cancel it. Turns out I had to cancel which I felt terrible about because my students start observations in clinics next week and I really had a few more things I needed to teach them before throwing them into that situation.

Thankfully the girls seemed to be perking up a bit before I put them to bed. Here’s to a better day tomorrow and David coming home.